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Sep 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
. in the meantime, two navy warships are being positioned off libya's coast awaiting orders. president obama telling libya's president last night that the country must help the u.s. keep americans there safe. anti-american demonstrations have spread beyond libya and egypt. we will bring you any developments throughout the morning. and then at 8:35, we'll be talking about stability in the middle east with senator john mccain. le also our special series on the future of finance continues this morning. today's headliner is former who are began stanley chairman and ceo phil parcel. and r. a phil is cautioning that the comments aren't black and white. he'll explain what he thinks about the controversial topic of breaking up the big banks. >>> of course the fed may be the biggest news of the day. many expecting the central bank to launch that third round of quantitative he quantitative easing. the decision announced at 12:30. and then better bernanke will hold a news conference at 2:15 and we'll have complete coverage. another central bank already making an announcement, south korea holding interest rates
Sep 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
't. this story making the rounds. did the white house get intelligence beforehand, before libya. >> and not considered a tabloid. >> naked women anywhere? >> no naked women. >> not any of the naked women things, that's why you never know for sure. a lot of disputes about the libya thing. we've been reporting that it was a coordinated attack, some sort of planning involved that was beyond sort of just the protests and a spontaneous -- but the white house is denying it. they say all of the intelligence they have been seeing indicates this was more of a spontaneous attack, that organically developed during the protest and not something that was premeditat premeditated. >> but as you point out, you figure you are going to be ready on september 11th anyway. and that's the question. on september 11th, on any anniversary, you figure you will take extraordinary measures anyway, right? >> look, that's one of the questions for the administration, both the state department and white house, which is on september 10th, they said they had taken additional steps to protect americans abroad. an
Sep 17, 2012 6:00am EDT
to talk about libya and egypt, and all of the rioting and angst for lack of a better word, taking place there. you had a column recently, the most recent column talking about israel, and netanyahu and interestingly at least to me you compared netanyahu in terms of the demands that he's making on the obama administration to john boehner. explain. >> well, one of the things i found really fascinating and my colleague bob woodward's new book "the price of politics," was his reconstruction of the debate last year over putting together a fiscal package, surrounding the debate over lifting the debt ceiling, and as you remember, one of the issues was whether the extension of the debt ceiling would be short term or somewhat longer term. the republicans were pushing to have the issue come open again right about now, and obama really dug in his heels on this, and said i am absolutely not going to have this issue come up during a political season. it's totally wrong. i want a resolution that carries us through into 2013, and when he was warned by his treasury secretary tim geithner that mr. presid
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
than libya's output before the civil war there, so these are big numbers. >> so in your opinion we won't get back to those levels again? >> listen, we remember in the middle of 2008 we're 147.27, end of the year a little over $30 a barrel. if we had a big economic downturn we could see oil prices falling in the context of that but there is these balancing mechanism there is. >> what about qe3? i was surprised to see prices come back down so quickly after that initial pop from qe3. are you in the camp of people who think all that money is not going to flow into oil? >> well i think that obviously one reason it was thought question three-would benefit oil because money would go into commodities, fear of inflation. the market's view is that the impact will be less and the weakness is really what dominates it. when we look at our numbers we see this buildup of oil continuing including for the united states, our production is up 25% since 2008. >> so we've seen prices at the pump come down slightly. you think we'll see a much bigger drop at the pump as the drop in crude oil prices trickles
Sep 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
really heightened in libya? that was the first question they would have asked, maybe it's finally being asked now but it's been a week after the event itself, and it's looking like, i don't know, there wasn't any enhanced security, i don't know. that will all come out. >> there certainly wasn't and it was not based on the film. it was based on obviously this was a planned attack and you can say whatever you want but this was a planned attack and that's coming out now loud and clear also, but getting back to richard, richard, keep up the good fight. i like what you're saying. >> donald, very quickly, they're going to yell at me for even asking you this but should we export natural gas to japan and other faceplaces? >> absolutely. we should export it, make money with it. >> i want to keep it here. >> they're not allowing us to drill. >> if you export it, it delays the idea of an infrastructure being built up here that uses that. >> we have so much of it, we're the saudi arabia of natural gas, we have so much everything under our own feet, things we didn't know we had five years ago. >> i'
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
't anymore. >> watching events in libya. you and i are old enough to remember 1978 and 1979. >> true. >> it was sort of deja vu. >> so many times. >> so many times. >> and it seems to coincide with political upheaval back here. it's very weird. and then we throw europe in and china in. i always am thinking back on this. the guy that writes this crazy stuff about 2012 and here we are in september and the end of the world isn't coming, then we get -- lose four guys at the embassy and it spreads to egypt and ahmadinejad comes to, you know, the u.n. to give a speech and saying this country is only 70 years old, we're 7,000 years old, and it will be gone from the map eventually. that's basically what he's sayirigh>> that's what he said. >> it scares me. there's a lot of risk. we should be worried about the risk in the marketplace. that's what you've been saying all along. >> yeah. a long time. >>> fortunately, we have these two gentlemen staying with us for the rest of the program. we are also following the situation in greece. protesters there turning violent. we've seen some molotov coc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6